by Abdij Der Trappisten Van Westmalle

The classic Trappist Dubbel, and a benchmark of the style.

This slightly cloudy dark brown nectar is an inviting blend of caramelised sugar, dark stone fruits, light roasted malt and of course Belgian yeast characters; including a hint of banana.

The mouthfeel is very smooth, and surprisingly dry.  The lovely balance of flavours persist with a fruity but dry and slightly bitter aftertaste.

The Westmalle Trappist Abbey has a brewing history dating back to 1 August 1836.  In 1856, the Monks produced the first strong dark beer, and this beer is considered to be the first beer brewed in the Belgian Dubbel style.

Did you know: Westmalle Dubbel is the only dark Belgian Trappist ale to be available on draught.  It is generally acknowledged that the draught version is less fruity and sweet than the bottled version, smoother, richer and maltier.  Officially available at around 300 select outlets, we’ve managed to source a keg a couple of times to bring over to Oz!


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Also from Abdij Der Trappisten Van Westmalle

Westmalle Extra

by Abdij Der Trappisten Van Westmalle

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Westmalle Tripel

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