Brasserie Fantôme

The rustic home of the saison master Dany Prignon, in the small rural village of Soy

Brasserie La Debauche

Our first French brewery to join our portfolio

Brew By Numbers

One of London's most creative breweries is tucked under a railway arch between London Bridge and Bermondsey

Brouwerij Alvinne

This small brewery in Moen is now knocking out some world class sour beers, with their house-cultured yeast Morpheus

Brouwerij De Moersleutel

The newest addition to our portfolio is this family brewery from Heiloo in The Netherlands

Brouwerij De Molen

The most internationally recognised brewery of The Netherlands is De Molen (The Mill). From Bitters and Pale Ales to Imperial Stouts and Barleywines, Barrel-Aged creations and Collaborations, these guys keep knocking out world-class beers.

Brouwerij de Musketiers

Centuries ago, young men were travelling around singing and telling stories to entertain people and this way keeping traditions alive. They were called "Troubadours".

Brouwerij Emelisse/Slot-Oostende

Tucked away in the south-western coastal Kamperland region of The Netherlands, this brewery restaurant is pumping out some world class brews

Brouwerij het Uiltje

'The Owl' Brewery from Haarlem in the Netherlands

Brouwerij Kees

One of The Netherlands newest breweries, by one of the countries most renowned brewers. Formerly brewmaster at Brouwerij Emelisse, Kees Bubberman has now realised his dream to be brewing beer for his own brewery.

De Dochter van de Korenaar

The name literally translates as 'The Daughter of the Ear of Corn' - a old Flemish expression for beer, dating back to the 16th Century. But there is nothing old-style about the beers produced here.

Ganstaller Brau

A traditional artisanal brewery from Schnaid in Upper Franconia