by Kaapse Brouwers

Winter in Australia brings out all things ‘Christmas in Juiy’, so it would be remiss of us not to include a Christmas beer in our July pacl.  This beer is the winter seasonal offering from our friends at Kaapse Brouwers in Rotterdam.

The cold nights call for more robust beers with stronger flavours and a warming touch of alcohol.  And that is exactly what we get with this beer.

And it comes with some recommendation – it was voted ‘Best Winter Beer 2017’ in The Netherlands Winterbier Festival.  Now that's a festival I wouldn't mind attending one year!

The beer is rich and smooth, with a big dark roasty caramel malt body, brown sugar, dried fruits, Christmas cake spices like clove, cinnamon, licorice and a subtle hint of smoke. A gentle alcohol warmth to suit the season, and a lingering dry earthy finish.

For lovers of dark spiced beers, this is just the trick to open and let warm up while sitting by the fireplace.    If you aren’t such a fan of the spices, try nibbling on a piece of dark chocolate while you sip this beer, and it will soften up those spice characters.


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Christmas Beer

More Christmas Beers

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Also from Kaapse Brouwers

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