by Kaapse Brouwers

We’ll start this with one of the great beer questions.  No – not ‘what is craft!”

The question I’m referring to: ‘Is there a difference between a Farmhouse Ale and a Saison?’

I get asked this question quite a lot, and for me personally there is a slight difference.  Although that is not coming from any technical knowledge base – more from memory of drinking different beers and what they were called!

For me, a Saison is classic Belgian, though the style range is broad.  But if must be funky.  Farmhouse has a more French connection – think Biere de Garde’s.  They are less funky, more earthy and minerally.  But the lines are always blurred.

Our Double Farmhouse has a decent dose of funk on the nose, with slightly less in the flavour.  There is a little too much sweetness to the body and this probably supresses some of the funky flavours.  There is some orange citrus, light spices with a slight pepper prickle and a grassy note.   An interesting beer with a lot in the flavour to explore.


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The Netherlands
Farmhouse Ale

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