by Kaapse Brouwers

Kaapse Brouwers have their home in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam.  They have a brew pub nestled on the banks of a canal in the district of Katendrecht.  The area is affectionately known as ‘De Kaap’ which means ‘The Cape’.  So we have The Cape brewers from Rotterdam.

The brewery commenced in 2014 as a joint venture that involved (amongst others) John & Menno from De Molen.  So it comes as no surprise that a few of the Kaapse beers are brewed at the De Molen brewery.

The Jaapie is one of the beers brewed at De Molen, and is an Imperial Red Ale.   It is an inviting orange body, with strong aromas of tropical fruits from the US hops.

Passionfruit, orange and pine fruit flavours are carried by a thick caramel malt body.  The hops versus malt battle is a balanced one, though there is a strong lingering bitterness in the aftertaste. 


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The Netherlands
Red Ale

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Also from Kaapse Brouwers

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