by Brasserie Atrium

Verno is Atrium’s seasonal winter ale, so this one was from 2020.

Winter beers, or Christmas beers, are very much a Belgian tradition.  We all look forward to some of these beers that usually being popping out in late October.

Atrium makes no effort to hide the fact this beer is inspired by the well-known Bush Noel from Brasserie Dubuisson.  Not just a copy though, Atrium have taken that beer as a base and asserted their own personality on it.  And for Atrium that means adding a whole host of interesting ingredients.

Here we have a blond winter beer made with barley, wheat, oats and rye with the addition of cacao nibs, Madagascan vanilla and home roasted pecan nuts.  Oh, and a little lactose just to heighten that creamy mouthfeel.

There’s a lot in the beer, so how did they go?

The aroma is of biscuity malts and dried fruits like apple and mango.  This follows up in the flavour with an inviting early sweetness.  There is a sense of creaminess to the beer, but the nutty – and from somewhere – spicy character holds that in check.  If I didn’t know for a fact that no spices were used, I’d be suggesting what spices are there, as this spice hit lingers on in the aftertastes for me.

A really interesting take on a traditional style.  Pushing boundaries and making atypical beers are what Atrium does.


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