by Brasserie Atrium

With this beer, we welcome Brasserie Atrium into our portfolio.   A new Belgian brewery located in the town of Marche-En-Famenne, in the Luxembourg province, owners and brewers Valery and his wife Paula opened their doors early in 2019.

We first met Val many years ago when he was helping Dany at Fantome.  He told us of his intentions to set up a brewery in Brazil, but as often happens plans changed and – luckily for us - they set up in Belgium instead.

This beer is a red IPA, which I love.  It is a great combination of malt and hops, with both used in abundance. 

There is a lovely strong malt backbone of caramel, a bit bready and with a little jammy stickiness to it.  Then come the hops – the beer is double dry hopped with Cascade, Mosaic and Simcoe giving a really fruity character with a bit of pine.  Its just delicious!


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