We first met Stefaan back in 2011 to discuss the possibility of importing Troubadour beer into Australia.  The 'interview' consisted of something of a pub crawl through the city of Antwerp, as Stefaan introduced me to each of the wonderful beers they brewed, pouring freely from the taps of Antwerp's best beer bars.

Already a convert to the charms of the Troubadour beers, the evening allowed an insight into who these guys were, and why they did what they did.  They are part of the new wave of Belgian brewing, not constrained to the traditional beer styles we know (and love) from Belgium.

The story began in 2000, with four friends graduating brewing university.  With brewmaster jobs in the established family breweries being scarce, they decided to set up their own brewing company.   After purchasing some brewing equipment, and some trial and error in the garage, they had their first beer ready for commercial production - a semi-strong blonde ale.

The next business decision was to come up with a name.  The four friends - or 'Musketiers' decided on 'Troubadour'.  In their own words...

Centuries ago, young men were travelling around singing and telling stories to entertain people and this way keeping traditions alive. They were called "Troubadours".

Brouwerij The Musketeers wants to keep the production and development of specialty beers alive; something which has a long and proud tradition in Belgium.

Its also the intention that the Troubadour beers explore step by step the world and - as the legendary Troubadours - bring pleasure and entertainment to people.

Beers from the brewery

Jack's Precious IPA

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

A clean, crisp and sessional IPA from the team at Troubadour

Troubadour Antigoon

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

Dedicated to the hero of Antwerp, a dry-hopped spicy blond ale

Troubadour Blond

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

Fruity aroma and hoppy, spicy flavour make this an extremely drinkable beer.

Troubadour Imperial Stout

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

Four malts, roasted barley and two hops create a beautiful Imperial Stout - with a Belgian twist.

Troubadour Magma

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

The body of a Belgian triple style beer, hopped like an American Imperial IPA - the best of two brewing cultures in one beer.

Troubadour Magma Indian Summer

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

Another riff of the Troubadour Magma, this one is a more sessionable, last of the summer sun type of beer

Troubadour Magma Special Edition 2015 Tripel Spiked Brett

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

The 2015 variant of their flagship Magma, with the addition of Brettanomyces yeast at all three fermentation phases

Troubadour Magma Special Edition 2016 Maris Otter

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

The 2016 variation of Troubadour's flagship beer Magma features Maris Otter premium malt

Troubadour Magma Special Edition 2017 - Hop Twist

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

The 2017 variant of Magma sees a change in malt and hop quantities, resulting in a fruity, earthy and dry IPA

Troubadour Magma Tropical

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

The 2019 variant of Troubadour's Magma is a beer that has been made more sessional, with the addition of El Dorado and Nelson Sauvin hops

Troubadour Obscura

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

A rich, smooth and complex dark ale - a perfectly balanced mild stout with a Belgian body.

Troubadour Speciale

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

Amber ale with a spicy and malty character, crisp and light with a dry, slightly bitter finish.

Troubadour Westkust

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

A Belgian west coast Imperial Black IPA, made using 100% Belgian hops

Glasses from the brewery

Troubadour 250ml Tasting Glass

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

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The Troubadour 250ml tasting glass

Troubadour Glass

by Brouwerij de Musketiers

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Troubadour brewery stemmed tulip glass