by Brauhaus Bevog

Brauhaus Bevog is the newest brewery to our wholesale portfolio.  Ostensibly an Austrian brewery, the truth is that founder Vasja Golar is Slovenian.  He wanted to set up his brewery in Slovenia, but found this process difficult.

The solution was to go 2kms over the border into Austria where the process was made much easier.  But the staff are Slovenian, the all travel across the border each day.  The biggest market for their beer is also in Slovenia, so if you prefer feel over physical fact, you can consider it your first craft brewery from Slovenia.

The beer is a simple, but tasty pale ale.  I must admit, I don’t often order a pale ale at the bar anymore (not that I’ve been to a bar often over the last few months!)  I seem to pass them over for a bigger, theoretically tastier IPA if I’m only having a couple.

It was nice to sit down to enjoy this pale ale.  There is a really pleasant floral, fruity aroma, that is more pronounced than in the taste.  The simplicity of the biscuity malt body with just a hint of sweetness, 4 different hops add a grassy and floral aspect and there is a sustained bitterness that aids a crisp drinkability to this beer.


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Pale Ale

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