by Bayerische Staatsbrauerie Weihenstephan

For those that aren’t familiar with the beers of German brewing royalty Weihenstephaner, the first thing to know is they are the world’s oldest brewery having a history dating back to 1040!

The brewery is within the Weihenstephaner Monastery, founded in 725 AD by the Benedictine monk Saint Corbinian upon the Weihenstephan Hill overlooking Munich in Bavaria.

This beer is a tribute to the original founding Monk, Saint Corbinian.  And we can only assume he’d be pretty happy with this doppelbock.

A bock is a strong lager, so our doppelbock (double bock) is an extra strong lager.  It pours a reddish-brown colour with an aroma of bready malt and dried dark fruits.

Sweet toffee malt is the first flavour, with raisins, plums and a hint of chocolate for a really rich and satisfying mouthfeel.  While all the descriptors are sweet, the beer retains a balance with a light bitterness and a little nuttiness creeping into the finish.


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More Doppelbocks


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Also from Bayerische Staatsbrauerie Weihenstephan

Weihenstephaner Vitus

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