by Bayerische Staatsbrauerie Weihenstephan

From the world’s oldest brewery comes something a little different from the beers they are most known for, though it still complies with the strictures of the German Reinheitsgebot of course!

A bock is a strong lager, and weizen means wheat.  So here we have a strong wheat lager, with the convention that weizenbocks are usually stronger and fuller than a normal bock.  So we might call this an imperial wheat lager.

Whatever you want to call it, I think it is quite delicious.  From the pour you will see the cloudy orange body with a perfect white foam that builds quickly and lasts while the beer works hard in the glass.

Sweet bready malts are up front, joined by a lovely fruit sweetness of banana and citrus.  Then there is a little spiciness with clove the dominant spice.  The hops provide a pleasant bitterness and the beer has a satisfyingly long, prickly finish.

Beers from breweries like Weihenstephan have been around for ages (obviously!) and were some of the first international beers to make a mark on our early craft beer scene.  It is easy to forget some of the pioneers in favour of the newest beers on the block, but nice to check back every so often to appreciate just how good some of these classic beers are.  There is a reason why they are still going strong.


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