by Brouwerij Van Steenberge

The Gulden Draak is an exceptional beer; technically categorized as a dark tripel, which is a very rare style. It pours dark amber to brown, with a fluffy tan head on top which collapses slowly. It has a very rich and deep nose of sweet dark fruits, roasted malt, strong Belgian yeast and hints of chocolate or even coffee.

The flavour is a complex combination of the richness of ripe raisins and plums, Belgian candy sugar and caramel malts.  There are interesting spice notes breaking through as well, and an intriguing touch from the wine yeast used in the second fermentation. The beer is so well balanced that the 10.5% alcohol is hardly noticeable.

Beer Fact:  Gulden Draak owes its name to the ‘Golden Dragon’ which is the gilded statue on top of the belfry in Ghent. It is a symbol of the city’s freedom and might of the city. The beer owes much of its current popularity to the brewery's American distribution (Global Beer) who's marketing efforts brought this classic ale back to the forefront of America's adoring beer-drinking public. 

Availability:  Limited - 330ml bottles only.



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Dark Tripel

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