by Maltgarden

One thing that I already love about Maltgarden is the variety of beer styles they are brewing.  And brewing them all really well.

A pilsner isn’t the most lauded of beers, you don’t see too many social media posts showing off their pilsner ‘haul’!  But a good pilsner is a beer to treasure, the drinkability being supreme.  

Maltgarden’s offering is styled on a classic German pils, and I reckon it pretty much hits all the right notes.  

Pouring a cloudy straw colour, this beer is unfiltered.  Malt sweetness is present in the aroma, with a spicy, floral note and even a bit of light citrus.  These characteristics all follow through in the flavour as well.

Up front there is some caramel malt sweetness.  Hopped with two types of Hallertauer – Hersbrucker and Traditional – this beer is hop forward with a good level of bitterness.   Quite a high carbonation helps the flavours dance around the inside of your mouth.

As the beer finishes, there is the that peppery spice and a citrus zing.  It finishes crisp and dry, with the spicy hop bitterness lingering nicely.


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