by Schneider Weisse Brauhaus

We all know that brewers tinker with their recipes, constantly looking to make their beer the best it can be. Well that isn’t always the case.

Georg I Schneider is the man responsible for starting the brewery, and was the first commoner granted the right to brew wheat beer by King Ludwig II of Bavaria.  In September 1872 Georg and his son Georg II start production in the new brewery.  This beer was one of the original beers offered and is still brewed to the same recipe as it was when first brewed 150 years ago.

The brewery describes this beer as being ‘what Bavaria tastes like’, and anyone who has sat in a Munich beer hall and enjoyed a stein of the local hefe will be taken back to that time while drinking this.

The beer pours darker than you might expect, with a white pillowy foam.  Filtering through that classic head is an aroma of banana, clove and bready malt.

It is sweet in the taste, with a rich bready malt body.  Balancing that is a light citrus and apricot fruit note and a good dose of peppery spice.  It finishes drier than it starts with a nicely full and prickly aftertaste.


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