by Brouwerij De Moersleutel

The Motorolie (Motor Oil) is well known to fans of De Moersleutel beers, and here it has been pimped by the addition of smoked plums.  (Wedzone Sliwki is Polish for smoked plums – I have no reason why some Polish language has crept on to the label!)

At its base, the beer is a big, thick and viscous Russian Imperial Stout, but the smoked plums give it an extra dimension.  There is smoke in both the aroma and the flavour; let it warm for this to come out to its fullest.  It is quite a delicate smokiness – the smell of Havana cigars before they are lit, or even like the wooden box they come in.

It is a very pleasant accompaniment to the assortment of flavours present in the base beer.  Lots of rich roasted malts, dark chocolate, raisins, prunes and figs, hints of coffee and licorice and a faint leathery character.

The alcohol is present (it has to be at that level) but it isn’t too boozy, with the warmth adding to the long rich and slightly bitter aftertaste.


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