by Brussels Beer Project

I first tried this beer thinking it was an interesting concept, but not expecting that much from the beer.  I was pleasantly surprised, and impressed by the result.

The idea came about when discussing the food waste issue in Belgium.  In a country that likes its bread so much, it is produced all through the day; not just in the morning.  This leads to lots of bread leftover at the end of the day, which amazingly accounts for 12% of food waste in the country.

Brewer and co-founder Sebastien decided to brew a beer made from the leftover bread, turning waste into a useful ingredient.  It harks back 4000 years to ancient Mesopotamia, where the oldest records for beer showed bread being mixed honey.

It took the brewery a full year to develop their recipe, working out the ratio of bread that could be used to replace barley malt.  It ended up as about 30%, so that in each bottle of beer is the equivalent of nearly two slices of bread.

Described by the brewery as a ‘Bread Bitter’, this beer is dry with a crisp biscuit (dare I say bready!) malt base.  Light sweetness with a little tropical fruit, it has a really sustained bitterness that pleasantly lingers long.  An interesting and tasty experiment!


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