by Browar Pinta

To borrow a quote from German beer writing:  “A simple Pilsner often demands more from its creators than an imaginative craft beer, the brewer cannot hide behind crazy raw materials or techniques.  A classic beer is mercilessly honest and requires maximum craftsmanship.”

The pilsner is a specific style of lager being more hop-forward and fermented with a pilsner yeast. Compared to a lager, the pilsner is hoppier and a little more spicy and bitter.  Quite simply, brewed well a pilsner is a thing of great beauty.

Pinta present their take on this traditional beer style.  It pours with a quite clear golden body and billowing white foam.  Through the head you can get aromas of grainy malt and grassy hops.

There is a little early sweetness from the malt, giving in to the grass, hay and slightly citrus hops that create a beautiful balance in flavour.  The beer dries out along the way, leaving a very pleasant spicy bitterness that lingers long in the finish.


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