by Brasserie De Rochefort

This beer is the (sometimes forgotten) baby of the Rochefort range.  A 7.5% strong dark ale, owing lots of characteristics to a traditional Belgian dubbed style ale.  It pours a dark amber to ruddy brown colour, and has a fruity and slightly herbal aroma.

There is sweetness on the palette from the rich malt base, with hints of dark stone fruit and a little Belgian candy syrup.  Cutting through this sweetness is an earthy tone, and a subdued bitterness.  There is medium carbonation, and a very smooth mouthfeel which finishes out slightly dry with little hint of any alcohol.

About the beer:  Rochefort 6 is the oldest of the three beers produced, and was originally the only beer available in larger bottles.  Despite its history, the Rochefort 6 is only produced once a year, and accounts for only around 1% of the monastery's production volume.

Why only dark beers?  All three of the Rochefort beers are dark beers, which is something of a unique situation for a brewery.  The reason is due to the water.  Sourced from a well within the monastery, the water is high in calcium carbonate - a factor which best suits the production of dark beer!



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