by The Ministry of Belgian Beer

A craft lager is quite an un-Belgian style of beer, so for that reason alone I thought this would be a good beer to try in the beer packs.

The concept behind The Ministry of Belgian Beer was to establish a brewery which only brewed low ABV lager styles.  A pretty brave move for a new Belgian brewery indeed.

The two fellows who started this specialised brewing label are two-thirds of the founders from DOK Brewing Co.  We’ve had a couple of beers from them in earlier packs, and they are one of the hot new Belgian breweries on the scene, making all sorts of styles, unconstrained by the low-ABV remit.

A little intriguing is the unusual name of the beer.  Apparently it came about as it wasn’t until the 13th attempt that the guys settled on a recipe they were happy with!

To the beer, and it is a more than decent, all-Belgian malt and hops lager.  Light and crisp as you’d expect, there is a small hint of grainy malt sweetness.  There is a moderate hoppy bitterness giving off grassy aromas.  Medium carbonation and a lingering, prickly hop bite finish off this beer nicely and proves that lager doesn’t have to be boring!


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