by Wolferstetter Brau

The beer is a golden colour, clean and clear, with a soft white foam.  The aroma is of crisp, light malt with hint of grassy hops.

The taste is of crisp malt, with a little sweetness, followed by a pleasant lingering earthy hop bitterness.   It is light, clean and easy drinking.

Josef Groll was a Bavarian brewer, whos father owned a brewery in the Bavarian town of Vilshofen, where they experimented with bottom-fermented beers.  He was commissioned by Burghers to run the new city brewery, set up to enable local beer to be produced, equal in quality to the bottom fermented beers of Bavaria.  In 1842, in the (now) Czech city of Pilzen, he produced the first batch of Urquell beer.  He is known as the ‘Father of Pils’.  It would be the foundation for the worlds most popular style of beer.

Link to Wolferstetter: the Groll family brewery no longer exists, but the Wolferstetter Brau (in the same town of Vilshofen) acquired some parts of the brewery.  The Josef Groll Pils is keeping his legacy alive.



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