by The Redchurch Brewery (UK)

This beer is part of Redchurch’s ‘Wild Series’, an evolving range of beers brewed with wild yeasts, mixed and bacterial fermentation and wild and foraged ingredients. 

It is a program we are very much looking forward to, and if you think they aren’t serious consider this.  They’ve just finished building a brand new production brewery on the outskirts of London, which will leave the original brewery in London’s East End as a full experimentation brewery.  That’s pretty exciting news indeed.

This beer was the first in their Wild Series, and is their take on a Berliner Weisse.  Traditionally a low ABV beer of about 3%, it is basically a white, lightly sour beer with its origins in Northern Germany dating back to the 16th-Century.

In a nutshell, a perfectly refreshing little beer, ideal for the warmer days, or an aperitif at night.

And that’s pretty much what we’ve got here from Redchurch.  It’s a little higher in alcohol, with a definite citrus hint in the flavour.  Only lightly sour, this is a perfect introduction to those not yet a fan of sours, while it holds just enough intrigue for those who are.


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Berliner Weisse

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