by Ganstaller Brau

Ganstaller is our new Germany brewery, and we’re very excited to have a few of their beers here in Oz.

Although only a small artisanal brewery, they are held in high regard by those who know the beers of brewer Andreas Ganstaller.  The brewery is located in the town of Schnaid, which is only 20kms from Bamberg; renowned for its use of smoked malts in Rauchbiers.  This beer is a smoked Marzen.

A Marzen is the original Octoberfest beer, though translates as ‘March’ beer.  This is because the beers were made in spring, before the hot weather made it difficult to control the fermentation.   After summer was over, and brewing could commence again, the brewers wanted to empty their kegs of Marzen.  And along came the Octoberfest Beer Festival.

This beer is very still, with barely any head at all.  This is a common trait with Ganstaller’s bottled beers.  The aroma of smoked meat and a little charred wood is stronger than it is in the flavour.  There is a little sweet malt backbone, which smoothes out the smoky flavour.  Some hop bitterness aids a pleasant lingering aftertaste.


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