by Ganstaller Brau

Turns out that a few people like our new German brewery as much as we do.  Ganstaller was voted Ratebeer’s ‘Top Brewer 2016’ for Germany!

That’s a decent achievement when you consider the country has around 1500 different breweries producing beer under more than 5000 different labels.  So hats of to Andreas!

Here we have Zoigl, which is technically classed as a Zwickelbier.  I hadn’t heard of this style before, so thanks to Google, it is a style unique to Germany, and very closely related to a Kellerbier.  Both are unfiltered and unpasteurised lagers, where the beer is matured unbunged in deep vaults.  So there you go.

As is the case for all the Ganstaller beers, there is a very soft carbonation.  Naturally cloudy, there is a sweetish grainy malt body with a decent amount of grassy floral hop bitterness.

The low carbonation is a little strange at first, but the flavour is intriguing and the mouthfeel is quite creamy.  An interesting one!


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