by Brauhaus Bevog

This beer from Brauhaus Bevog was first made for their ‘Who Cares For Beer Festival’ back in 2017.  Who Cares is a beer and music festival that Bevog have organised for a few years, inviting like-minded craft breweries to come along and present their beers to an adoring public.

The festival is a platform to experiment and push boundaries.  This beer is a style that we are starting to see more of, which is a very happy thing.  Sour IPA’s are becoming more common and they really suit a warm climate in Oz.  Funny that it is Europe that is leading the charge here.

The brewer describes this as a really simple beer – just the basic ingredients of water, malt, hops and yeast plus lactobacillus (for the sour).  Dry hopped for that lovely citrus and tropical fruit aroma and flavour.

Lots of citrus, particularly lemon and grapefruit give the beer a lively, fruity zing.  The sourness is there as well, not too overpowering but rather a cross between tart and sour.  A good carbonation makes for a light mouthfeel that has the flavours bouncing across the tongue.

Such an easy beer to enjoy, with the flavours remaining interesting enough to happily have a few of these kicking back on a warm afternoon.


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