by Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck

The Kasteel (Castle) Brewery is one of Belgium’s old family breweries, dating back to 1811.   It is currently managed by a 5th generation family member of the Van Honsebrouck family.

The Kasteel Hoppy is the newest beer to the Kasteel label, first brewed in 2013.  It is a nod back to the past, with the beer reminiscent of the old Special Belge style.  It is NOT an IPA!

The beer pours a clear golden colour, with grassy hop notes and grainy malt present in the aroma.

A little malt sweetness presents early, joined by a subtle floral bitterness.  All Belgian hops are used in this beer, so the hop characteristics are more restrained and a little earthy.

It is a refreshing, easy drinking beer.  The Special Belge style was the Belgian’s session beer; one step up from the basic Pils.  The 6.5% alcohol probably takes this beer out of the ‘sessionable’ category, but it is a lovely choice for a summer afternoon.


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Speciale Belge

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