by Brouwerij de Musketiers

Brouwerij de Musketieres were the very first brewery to trust us bringing their beers to Australia when we started our import business.  Under the Troubadour label, we had aour first product launch and enjoyed sharing their beers with Australia.  For that reason alone, I’ll always have a soft spot for their beers.   

And while we haven’t had their beers in our containers for a while now, it was with interest that I noted their one-off series of beers they call their Bucket List Series.  So unaware was I of this that they were already up to number 7 in the series.

The Bucket List Series are beers that the brewers have always wanted to brew.  Luckily for us I think I’ve picked this series up at a good time, as I really like this beer!

Described as a juicy sour IPA, its exactly what we get.  Nice tropical fruit aromas from the dry-hopping, the beer is crisp and light with just enough sour to liven up the tastebuds.  There is a definite fruity flavour of pineapple and mango, and the addition of lactose gives the beer a fuller finish that it otherwise would have.

It’s a style of beer I really enjoy, perfect for a sunny afternoon session this is a beer you could quite happily have a few of as it is easy drinking but stays interesting enough to enjoy one after another.


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Sour IPA

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