by Siphon Brewing

A couple of months back, we had the Siphon Brewing Krypton, which a lot of people enjoyed.  And as with that beer, this beer is a collaboration with a couple of local brewers.  Most are familiar with Kaapse Brouwers from Rotterdam in The Netherlands, but only our oldest beer members may remember Brouwerij De Ryck. 

So two Belgian brewers and one Dutch brewer, they’ve co-created a pretty tasty little Speciale Belge.

This beer style is a bit old school, but finding something of a resurgence in the Belgian beer market.  It kind of fills the space between traditional pils and the more flavoursome Belgian ales.  The De Koninck we had recently is a great example of this style.

Amber in colour, this beer celebrates the malty goodness of a traditional Speciale Belge.  But this beer has been hopped a lot more than normal.  Citra, Simcoe and Mandarina Bavaria hops have been added late as well as for dry hopping.  They add a lovely bitterness to the taste, plus a marmalade and fruit character.


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Speciale Belge

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