by Maltgarden

Time to show you a different side to our new Polish brewer, Maltgarden.

One of the things that really attracted me to Maltgarden’s beers was their interesting use of ingredients.  Lots of flavour combinations that you may not expect as being complimentary, or really not that commonly used in beers.

I reckon this is my favourite of the three sours we have.  It’s a blond pastry sour with white guava, passionfruit, lime and coconut.

The first thing you’ll notice is the thick body on the pour.  WIth a grain bill of barley, wheat, oats, flaked oats and flaked wheat. Lactose aids the sticky pastry feel to this beer, and there is lots of fresh tropical fruits flavours with the coconut in behind.  

As I was drinking this in the yard, I kept thinking of a pina colada.  Sweet tropical fruits invite you in before the sour and tart present in equal measure.  Pastry sours can be a little overwhelming in the sweetness, but this one balances the sweet and sour/tart really well.

The body retains a certain weight, but the beer is light and fresh.  Just a perfect summer drink, heavy on the island holiday vibes.


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Pastry Sour

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