by Barossa Valley Brewing

We’ll kick things off this month with a fresh little Aussie beer from our mates at Barossa Valley Brewing.  Last year they did a couple of collabs with Ben Miller (From Ben) and Jay Cook (Bucket Boys), creating a couple of really tasty gose. 

They recently brewed a new batch of each variant, so we had a tough choice as to which one to choose.  The raspberry and guava version is much more tart and sour, while the passionfruit and mango is smoother, fruitier and more juicy.

Gose is a traditional German beer style attributed to the town of Goslar in eastern Germany.  The malt bill is made up of 50-60% malted wheat, with a dry earthiness from the use of ground coriander seed, a hit of lactic acid and salt.  The addition of fruit flavours adds to the drinkability.

This beer has 200kg of mango and 100kg of passionfruit in the batch.  The mango gives a fruit creaminess to the beer, and subdues lactic sourness.  The passionfruit provides a little tartness, but also that inviting summer fruit aroma.  Slightly salty, it is really refreshing and a great beer to enjoy on a sunny afternoon.


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