by De Dolle Brouwers

Boskeun is known as a Passbier, a beer brewed seasonally at Easter time.  Historically, Belgium had many Easter beers, in a wide variety of styles from light to dark.  But as many traditions do, this one died such that there was only one brewery – Slagmuylder - producing an annual Easter Beer.

Then in 1983, De Dolle began brewing Boskeun.  And for a long time there were only two, though there are now quite a few breweries making a Paasbier.

If you wanted an example of a typical Belgian yeast aroma, stick your nose in the glass and inhale.  Deep aromas of banana, vanilla, a little pineapple, a bit of bubblegum and hints of spice.  It is what stands these Belgian beers out as being unique.  You can smell them a mile away.

It is pretty much a tripel style beer, with a rich malty body, tropical fruits and citrus, hints of honey, a lovely spiciness from the yeast and a growing bitterness as the beer progresses.  The mouthfeel is quite heavy, but finishes dry, thanks to the use of cane sugar.  And after the fact, the gentle alcohol warmth works its way down, finally giving up the well-hidden ABV.

The label shows a Easter Bunny, and the name Boskeun actually means ‘rabbit of the wood’.  So enjoy this tasty little treat, even if we are a couple of months early with this one.


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