by Brouwerij De Graal

The most important point to make about De Graal Gember is that it is first and foremost a beer.  A beer infused with ginger, as opposed to a ginger beer.It pours a slightly cloudy, dull orange with a good-sized foaming white head.  The aroma is typically Belgian, and typical of a spicy Belgian tripel.  The ginger is present, without overwhelming other attributes.

The beer is initially sweet, with ginger and a little spice from the yeast.  Flavours develop as the beer progresses.  Hints of honey, lemon, lime and pepper, provide a more complex taste than first considered.

A relatively high carbonation aids in achieving a dry finish.  The bite of the ginger kicks in after the fact, providing a lingering spicy bitterness.  Many ginger beers are too sweet and syrupy, or else overloaded with ginger.  This beer achieves a great balance of flavour and mouthfeel.  One of the best examples of a ginger beer we've tried. 



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