by Browar Pinta

If you are a fan of beer history and old forgotten beer styles, this beer from Pinta is going to be of interest.  It is their tribute to a Grodziskie – an historical Polish lager that is oak-smoked wheat malt (I’ve just scared more than a few of you with the mention smoke, I know!!)

Pinta’s beer is a bottom fermented lager, brewed using the double decoction method.  It is made from 100% smoked wheat malt, so you aren’t going to have to look hard for the smokiness in this beer.

Light in alcohol, the style guidelines suggest anywhere from 2.5% - 5.0%.  Our beer is bang in the middle of that range.  And a moderate bitterness is the other characteristic, and I’d say our beer hits that target as well.  Not as smoky as I was imagining, there is also the slightest hint of tartness, which again is a style characteristic.  It really is refreshing and quite easy to drink, especially served cold.

I know that smoky beers are quite divisive, and there is often no middle ground.  You either love them or you hate them.  I’m hoping those that aren’t normally fans of smoked beers can appreciate this beer for what it is - little piece of Polish brewing history.  I did think twice as to whether to include this beer or not, but I figure the beer club is an experience.  And you lot are harder than the average craft beer drinker!


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Grodziskie Lager

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