by Browar Pinta

We have quite a few Pinta ‘Hazy’ beers that have just arrived, and it is taking a little while to get them settled in our heads.  Pinta will feature in all of our next three monthly packs, and this is your first go at one of the hazies.

Hazy IPA’s come in a few different forms and have a few different names.  They can synonymously be referred to as NEIPA’s, juicy IPA’s or even Vermont IPA’s.  The latter is courtesy of the birthplace of the first accredited hazy IPA being The Alchemist Brewery’s Heady Topper in 2004.

Now it seems easier to find a choice of hazy IPA’s than it does to find a more traditional West Coast IPA.  The style has become a pre-requisite in every brewery’s portfolio, and their popularity shows no sign of letting up.

As the name suggests, the beer is a hazy white-orange colour, achieved through the use of grains with a higher protein content such as oats and wheat, and of course the beer is unfiltered.

The characteristic aroma is full of tropical fruits from the mix of Flex hops for the boil, Idaho 7 for the whirlpool and Strata, Sabro and Talus for cold tank.  With a very low bitterness, the first taste is sweet and very smooth, a silky mouthfeel that carries through the beer from start to finish.


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Hazy IPA

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