by Brouwerij Lindemans

Faro is a classic Flemish drink, but rarely seen outside of Belgium. Sugar or sugar syrup is added to young, unblended lambic to balance the tartness and acidity.

Lindemans describes their Faro as 'a version of Belgium's wild fermented wheat beer'. Ingredients include wheat, candy sugar as well as a mix of both young and old lambic. It is a slightly sticky-looking amber liquid, which has a sweet aroma, with cherry, tropical fruits, burnt sugar and a definite tartness.

The flavour is very sweet, though the tart and acidity of the lambic does cut through. Soft carbonation lightens the mouthfeel a little. Overall it reminds somewhat of a sticky wine. You do have to look for the beery characteristics, and it is certainly not sour like a Gueuze.

Contrary to most of our beers, it is best to serve this beer chilled, at 2-3 degrees. It makes a great aperitif. Faro as a style is like an introduction to lambics. It is one for the sweet-tooth, and may be a little too sweet for some. It's an interesting beer to try, and how many times have you had a Faro before??



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Faro (Lambic)

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